Thursday, March 14, 2019

Top 10 Best Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps in 2019

Breast milk is essential for a growing baby, so having breast milk on hand at all times is vital for any new mother. With a regular breast pump, you get a limited amount of milk at a time, sometimes nowhere near the level required for a full serving. A good way to prevent that is to use a hospital-grade breast pump, not only because of how much more efficient they are overall but also because of how durable and versatile they are.
After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best hospital-grade breast pumps money can buy.

1-Nibble Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump

Nibble Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump

With the Nibble Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump, you get one of the most advanced pumps out there, one that comes fitted with a rechargeable battery for on the go pumping. The closed system pumping action ensures that the mother and baby are protected from germs.
The pump has a night light, a timer, Letdown mode, and an adjustable program that is suited for everybody. The super quiet pump is ideal for double pumping and has double collection kit and back flow hygienic protectors. It also comes with a great designer tote bag for easy storage and transport.

2-Spectra Dew 350 Breast Pump

Spectra Dew 350 Breast Pump

Spectra is a widely reputable brand in the breast pump industry and their quality has been a defining factor for a number of years. The Spectra Dew 350is made from high quality imported plastic and is completely adjustable to every woman’s body.
It is extremely quiet when in operation and has a Letdown mode to ensure no excessive pumping takes place. It is a completely closed system that ensures 100% hygiene with every pump. There are a night light and a timer to let you know when the bottles are filled. It is also great for both single and double pumping.

3-Medela Lactina Select

Medela Lactina

Medela is, by far, one of the leading brands in high-quality breast pumps and their Lactina Select Hospital-Grade Breast Pump is a clear sign of their quality. It comes with automatic suck and release features that make pumping so much more easier. Mothers can choose single or double pumping action with separate membranes for each pump.
With the help of a built-in vacuum release, mothers are protected excessive suction. The pump works on batteries which means it is great for mothers who are always on the go. The pump is also BPA and DEHP free which makes it ideal for storing and collecting breast milk safely.

4-Spectra Baby USA S2

Spectra Baby USA S2

The Spectra S2 has already made a name for itself in the world of breast pumps and is constantly growing. This pump features single or double action pumping that is extremely powerful yet delicately comfortable.
It is safe to use and is completely hygienic for both baby and mother. It is impressively quiet when in use and comes with a night light, timer, and a fully programmable pumping system that adjusts itself to every mother’s body. The pump works on rechargeable batteries and is great for on the go mothers. The Letdown mode ensures no excessive pumping takes place.

5-Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump

Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump

When it comes to easy portability, the Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump is, by far, one of the best. It is relatively lightweight and compact and can be stored anywhere. The stand out feature of this pump is its suction and speed control that can be adjusted separately to ensure every user is left comfortable while pumping.
The adjustable suction options vary from 30 CPM to 60 CPM. It is also ideal for those mothers who prefer the minimal suction. The pump comes with built-in bottle holders that ensure no spills take place and proper storage in the freezer is allowed.

6-Hygeia Enjoye Cordless Breast Pump

Hygeia Enjoye Cordless Breast Pump

The Hygeia Enjoye Cordless breast pump is an innovative product for all mothers. This double electric breast pump is both powerful and comfortable on the breast. The adjustable control settings allow users to mimic a baby’s natural suckling pattern to provide added comfort.
The pump works great, even when used every day and is perfect for mother’s who are always on the go. Interestingly enough, the pump runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides up to 4 hours of pumping on a full charge. It also comes with a Personal Accessory Set for proper maintenance and use of the product.

7-Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Standing out as one of the best products available online, the Medela Symphony Hospital-Grade Breast Pump is a must-have for any new mother. It comes with 2-Phase Expression technology which mimics the gentle and natural nursing rhythm. It can be used anywhere and maintains a constant milk flow once activated.
It provides both single and double pumping for quicker collection. There are two separate membrane units that can be used for single or double pumping by simply attaching or removing the unit. With the let-down button, mothers can return to stimulation easily.

8-Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Choosing the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is a wise decision as it brings a double electric pumping action that is both powerful and comfortable. It is great for daily use and comes with Personal Fit breast shields in two different sizes for added comfort.
The pump is lightweight and has a rechargeable battery and can be used on the go. It also features a digital display and a memory button, timer, and backlight. The pump comes with a microfiber carry bag that is great for traveling.

9-Medela Pump In Style

Medela Pump In Style

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump with On The Go Tote is an excellent product for working mothers. It is a handy, daily use pump that offers a double electric pumping action.
It was created and designed for those mothers who pump more than just a couple of times a day. It features built-in bottle holders to avoid the risk of spilling. Because of its handy battery pack, this pump allows mothers to pump anywhere and on the go. The tote comes with a removable cooler bag that can hold and cool 4 bottles thanks to the contoured ice pack holds.

10-Unimom Forte Double Pump

Unimom Forte Double Pump

Unimom Forte Breast Pump (Hospital Grade Twin Breast Pump)
The Unimom Forte Breast pump is recommended for high use, exclusive long term pumping. This can be used as a double or single breast pump for any mums that are looking for a model that is quick and efficient.
  • -Hospital Grade Pump
  • -Suitable to use for all feeds — 6–8 times per day
  • -Hospital level strength of pumping.
  • -Can be used for single or double pumping.
  • -Mimics baby’s natural suction allowing faster let down.
  • -Comfortable to use
  • -Adjustable vacuum enables optimum setting
  • When you purchase this pump we recommend you also purchase a Switch Kit so that you have the option to use as a manual pump for times of powercut or travel.
Unimom is a well known proved brand all over the world gathering excellent feedback. Researched, tested and trialed, Unimom breast pumps have achieved desired results in NZ hospitals and throughout many homes. They match the quality of top leading brands in NZ and meet hospital grade standards.

Friday, February 22, 2019

معرفی قطعات ویلچر

در این پست قصد داریم قطعات انواع ویلچر را بررسی کنیم .البته در ویلچر برقی قطعات دیگری مثل باتری ویلچر و موتور و .. علاوه بر .قطعات ویلچروجود دارد

قطعات ویلچر : 1- زیردستی ویلچر 2- زیر نشیمنی ویلچر 3- صندلی ویلچر 4- -تسمه نگهدارنده پا ویلچر 5- جاپایی ویلچر 6-چرخ کوچک ویلچر 7-دستگیره هدایت ویلچر 8-نگهدارنده جاپایی ویلچر 9-ریل صندلی 10-چرخ عقب ویلچر 11-دسته هل دادن